Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine Review 

Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine Review

The Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug cutting machine features a compact fold and store setup that makes it highly portable and a total space saver. It comes with a built-in pop-up handle, one A space, two B cutting pads, embossing folder, a bonus embossing folder, and a user’s manual. So, for a lower price, you’ll get everything you need to get started.

If you’re short on space in the home and you’re looking for a machine that won’t take up too much space, the Cuttlebug is a great option. It’s the perfect die cutting machine for beginners because it features a very basic design and easy operation.

We can’t stop raving over the cute, compact design, ease of use and included features that really make this model fun to use and create with.

Cuttlebug Cutting Machine Overview and Features

This model has nearly limitless usage. It can be used to customize party and birthday invites, banners, decorations, or to spruce up wedding favors. The Cuttlebug can also be used to style your photo albums or for scrapbooking.

Basically, this machine will make your life much easier. Whether you need a small machine for home or business purposes, this highly portable model allows you to create on the go.

The Cricut Cuttlebug machine is a die cut and embossing machine that’s cleverly constructed. Its innovative design is truly one of a kind. When the sides of the machine are folded down and tucked away, the suction under the machine is automatically switched on causing the machine to stick to any surface you place it on. This suction prevents the machine from moving around during operation. The machine comes with a built-in handle for ultimate portability and it also folds down for storage.

This machine only weighs in at seven pounds, making this model highly portable. The machine itself is only a foot tall, seven inches wide, and a little over fourteen inches long.

To use this machine, you can use the cutting pads and spacer to create a sandwich with your die or embossing folder. Cranking the handle will roll the sandwich through the machine. Embossing and cutting are quick and easy. This machine is also safe for kids to use under parental supervision.

You can add materials to either side of the machine, so it works well for both lefties and right-handed people.

The dies cut into the cutting plates just like with all types of die cutting models. Over time these plates can become warped or scratched. Because of this, we recommend designating one of the plates as the cutting plates and keeping the other plate placed on the bottom. Once the cutting plate begins to warp you can flip it over and use the other side.

The opening of the machine measures in at just six inches, which means you’ll be limited in regards to the sizes of folders you use.

This model can also handle a wide variety of materials including fun foam, tissue paper, chipboard, poster board, felt, thinner fabrics, wood, metal, and cardstock. Cutting material height should not exceed 1/8 of an inch. Forcing thicker material through can cause the machine to jam.

The Cuttlebug is easy to maintain. Basically, all you have to do is follow the recommended material and folder guidelines in terms of thickness and size.

One of the biggest benefits with this compact model is how easy it is to use. First, you’ll need to lay down the A plate on the machine for the first layer. Next, take the die and ensure that it’s foam side up and place the chosen material on top. Sandwich the material and die together using the B plates and place it on top of the A plate. The plates can be rolled through the machine using the hand crank until it rolls out the other side and you’re finished.

If you’re not familiar with die machine dies and embossing folders, here is what you need to know: these accessories are basically designs you can purchase to create the cutting and embossing patterns you want. Dies are for cutting and embossing folders are for embossing. You can purchase these accessories in a wide variety of designs. Fortunately, this model comes with the bonus embossing folder of a standard flower pattern.

Cricut Cutting Machine Pros and Cons

Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug MachinePros: This is a decent little machine and the low price only makes it more appealing. While you won’t be able to create intricate Vinyl decals with it, it will definitely serve you well if you enjoy making smaller crafts for scrapbooking and cards. Plus, this machine is so easy to use that it’s a great option for beginners and kids.

This model is a huge space saver especially compared to other die cutting machines in this price range.

It also embosses beautifully and the included folders work great.

Cons: With this machine, the pressure isn’t adjustable for thickness. You’ll need to pad the machine in order for it to be the right thickness, as opposed to the machine’s rollers moving farther or closer. Because the plates are separate they can shift during use. This machine is very basic and not recommended to crafters who are looking for a machine to support their home business operation.

If you’re looking for a die cutting machine that comes with programmed cutting selections then we highly recommend the Cricut Explore Air Wireless cutting machine. While it’s available at a higher price, if you run a home business or need a die cutting machine you can use often, then this model is the perfect choice.

Cuttlebug by Cricut Conclusion and Rating

Compact, easy to use, highly portable, and very basic, the Cricut Cuttlebug is a great investment for the avid scrapbooker or craft lover. As we have mentioned, it’s also very kid friendly and can be a great model to purchase for kids or crafters who are trying their hand at card making or scrapbooking. Consumers who purchased this Cricut machine gave it an impressive rating of four and a half stars out of five.

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